To become an Angel, you will need several things :

  • You need to have the fully grown Bird Wings (from the Bird Sculpture which is inside the Lab).
  • You need to have very high Morality (going to the Church each day is a very quick and efficient way to increase your morality).
  • You need to wear the Chastity Belt.

After several weeks, your character will notice that she is pregnant. The cause of the pregnancy is the Chastity Belt. The character will then give birth to a female angel and she will bestow on her mother a blessing which will restore your health. After that, the angel leaves.

If you have the fully grown Birds Wings and very high Morality, the female angel will notice that the character looks like a lot the female angel and she will ask the character if she wants to follow the angel :

  • Choosing "No" : the game continues and the angel leaves.
  • Choosing "Yes" : leads to a "Good End".

It is important to note that the pregnancy caused by the Chastity Belt is very short (comparable to a Monstrous pregnancy). It is also recommended to have the Bird Wings and very high Morality before using the Chastity Belt. After some times, the Chastity Belt will automatically wear off and it is not possible to buy it again.

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