The BeachEdit

You can perform two actions:

  • Sun Tan
  • Go Swimming

While swimming in a bikini, it is possible for the waves to knock your top off, giving you options to what you will do about being topless. Should you choose to stride out confidently, you will get -1 (or 2?) to your Inhibition. (Descriptions of other choices need to be added.)

Beach Random EventsEdit

Beach Girls - One of Two Events

  • Watch
  • + 2 Lesbian
  • + 5 Arousal
  • Play with them

If win: Partner Hugs you

  • If you hug back:
  • + 3 Lesbian
  • + 2 Femininity
  • + 5 Arousal 

  • Don't hug back:
  • + 2 Heterosexuality
  • + 2 Femininity.

If lose: Opponents laugh at you.

  • It's just a game:
    • Unknown, presumably increases morality
  • I hate losing:
    • Unknown, presumably decreases morality

Sudden Wave

Chemical Spill

Mysterious Woman

Back to Places

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