This transformation occurs after the player has smoked enough Komodo Cigarettes. Unlike some transformations, this transformation can occur in public. These numbers may be inaccurate

  • After 10 Cigarettes, Height Growth occurred.
  • After 16 Cigarettes, Claws on hands and Toes.
  • After 20 Cigarettes, Tail Starting to form.
  • After 24 Cigarettes, Tail Lengthened and Scales on stomach began to form.
  • After 28 Cigarettes, Tail Lengthened, Scales covered more of body, Teeth Sharpened.
  • After 33 Cigarettes, Tail Lengthened, Horns started growing, Larger Feet.
  • After 38 Cigarettes, Tail Lengthened, 6 Inch Horns, Scales cover most of body.
  • After 44 Cigarettes, Tail Lengthened, Scales covered body, scales turned green.
  • After 51 Cigarettes, became a full bodied Dragoness, Hard Scales, Taller, 4 Foot tail, longer horns.

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