A high-definition TV. Featuring picture-perfect quality, and the ability to get a much wider range of channels, this TV is compact, efficient, and terribly in vogue these days. Unless you're willing to spring for a 3D TV, which you're really not, this is top-of-the-line.



Your small love seat. The fabric is a little rough and the cushions aren't very cushiony, but it's a place to sit.


An awesomely futuristic device allowing communication over long distances! Also known as a telephone.


A comfortable leather reclining chair. A comfortable place to sit, and plush enough to fall asleep easily.


A desktop computer. It's reasonably robust, capable of running most, if not all programs, and actually it's reasonably priced for what you get.


A worn black fridge. You try not to keep too many things in here long term, since you're pretty sure the refrigeration unit isn't working properly.

Beds Edit

The poster (princess) bed will increase your femininity over time and give you a bonus to weight to keep you slim if you get too fat, but it also keeps your strength under a certain level (princesses do not have bulging muscles) and if you have a penis, it will make it shrink as well. It can't get rid of your penis, but it will work to make it as small as possible.

The water bed reduces your arousal by 5 every time you sleep and gives you a bonus to fitness if it drops too low. It also makes masturbation slightly more satisfying (+5 arousal reduction). However, it increases your cum production (if applicable) and there's a 10% chance of getting sick in the morning from seasickness, which will reduce your health.

The reinforced bed gives bonuses if you're a hefty lady: if weight is below 50 (i.e. you're heavier), you get -5 to arousal per day, strength +1 per day (up to 70), fitness +1 per day (up to 50) and natural charisma +1 per day (up to 30). However, if your weight is above 50 (i.e. you're thinner), then you get arousal +5 per day, and weight and fitness -1 per day.

The heart-shaped bed makes masturbation more satisfying (+10 arousal reduction), and helps lock in your sexuality: if you're straight, you get a point towards being straight every night. If you're gay, you get a point towards being gay every night. If you're bisexual, then you get a point towards the middle to try to keep you bisexual. But it also reduces inhibitions by 1 every day (to a minimum of 50), and increases your arousal every night. It's also the most expensive bed.

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