Description: A special dildo that, once inserted, has a special switch that increases the girth of the dildo to fit the opening, so to speak. It looks like a fairly new product. This is an aid in masturbation.

  • Use requirement: Inhibition 80 and below.
  • Increases hip size on each use
  • Can cause the Sex Doll Transformation.

Each time the dildo is used, there is a random 10% chance of a malfunction. This makes the dildo overinflate, causing a bigger orgasm and removing twice as much lust. However, each time the malfunction occurs, there is a random 5% chance that the dildo disappears. This puts you on the path to the Sex Doll transformation, which automatically leads to one of two Bad Ends. Once the dildo has disappeared, this is a point of no return!

So, do not use this item if you are not willing to take the risk of a Bad End.  Or at the very least, save your game before using it. 

Cost $100
Obtained From Purchased from Nipples And Dimes Store in Mall.