The Modeling career involves having your picture taken by an erotic photographer. This career cannot be selected at the start of the game. To enter it you must work your way up through the Eroticism career, qualify for the job change, and wait for talent scouts to recruit you during a Random Event at work.

As of game version 0.4.0c, Nude Model is the only job level in this career, and no promotions are available.

Nude ModelEdit

Pay: $520 a week ($130 a day), plus any tips

Work Days: Monday to Thursday

Work Hours: Late Morning to Early Afternoon

How To Obtain:

  • Working as a Private Dancer
  • Fitness must be relatively high
  • Natural Charisma must be 35 or higher
  • Inhibitions must be 59 or less
  • Breast Size must be at least Perky B-Cup
  • Job performance must be good
  • Be recruited by talent scouts at work

Random Events

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