Acquired by drinking Weird Chemical from the Lab

  • The chemial refills each day and must be drunk each day in order to progress the transformation

Exact number of times you need to drink the chemical are currently unknown, the transformations are simply listed in the order that they happen, but it takes about two weeks for them to start. Once they start happening, you will only need to drink the chemical once or twice in order to progress them.

  • Your eyes gain the ability to see heat and multiple light spectra.
  • Your legs become mechanical.
  • Your arms become mechanical. At this stage of the transformation, you gain no benefit from most types of exercise (as of 3/22, yoga and jogging are confirmed to do nothing and take no time, using the gym and dojo, however, still work). In addition to this, you gain weight when you enter this stage (enough to go from thin and model-like to thin but curvy).
  • Full Gynoid transformation.

Robot Unique Traits

Fully Operational - You no longer gain benefits or penalties from health.

Infertile - You cannot get pregnant and no longer have periods.

Uncanny Valley - You look almost but not quite human, leading to a penalty to your non-natural charisma.

Robotic Body - Your body no longer changes from outside influences; you cannot become taller or shorter, and other changes to your body shape require mechanical alterations.

Nuclear Arms - Your body is powered by a micro-fusion generator; your strength is set at 75, unless you can find a way to increase the efficiency of your systems.

Mechanical Limitations - Your fitness, balance and dexterity are limited by your hardware platform; you may be able to improve on these limts with technical know-how.

Emotional Dissonance - As a robot, you find it difficult to get excited about the things you once enjoyed and also more difficult to disconnect from those feelings once they're inspired. Arousal is both harder to gain (you gain only 3 points for every 5 you would normally) and harder to reduce (15 less reduction).

Software Rigidity - Your software is much less malleable than a human brain. You gain only 1 skill point a day (instead of the typical 3).

In addition to these traits, you gain the ability to modify yourself using the toolkit. Note that you can only have 2 upgrades to any body part at any time; you can remove upgrades, but they take time to implement.


Power Optimization strength +10 non-natural charisma


Fine Motor Tuning dexterity +50 non-natural charisma


Natural Look non-natural charisma +3 strength -10


Power Optimization strength +10 non-natural charisma -5
Gyro Stabilizer maximizes heels skill non-natural charisma -5
Flexible Materials dancing +25 non-natural charisma -5
Sonic Booster maximizes fitness strength -3 and non-natural charisma -5
Natural Look non-natural charisma +1 strength -5

Lower TorsoEdit

Aesthetic Modification non-natural charisma +3 n/a
Sexual Processor Optimization sex skill +10 non-natural charisma -1
Power Source Tuning strength +5 n/a
Change Hip Size/Butt Shape size change is one step bigger or smaller takes 1 time block

Upper TorsoEdit

Flexible Materials dancing skill +10 and sex skill +5 non-natural charisma


Milk Generator Sets lactation to 40 and non-natural charisma +2. Can be upgraded to set lactation to 80 and the upgrade does not take up a second upgrade slot. n/a
Chassis Reinforcement martial arts +30 and strength +5 non-natural charisma


Natural Look non-natural charisma +3 n/a
Adjust Breast Size size change is one step bigger or smaller takes 1 time block


Natural Look non-natural charisma


deception -5
Adjust Hair Length/Hair Colour/Eye Colour n/a n/a

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