Major UpdatesEdit

  • New item: chastity belt. This underunderwear item can be worn and removed when you're naked. Wearing it overnight will reduce your arousal by 10, and have the following effects: Slut 1 (if slut is not unlocked). If Slut = 0, Exhibitionist 1 (if exhibitionist is not unlocked). If Slut and Exhibitionist = 0, Proper +1. There is also an additional effect, but it's not currently in the game yet.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • Transformations have been redone. They now work properly. In addition, if you progress along one transformation and then another becomes dominant, the newly dominant TF will override all your previous body changes. So you can't grow a cow tail and then progress along the cat TF with that cow tail: it'll eventually be overridden.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed the bug with the overcoat at the beach preventing the proper removal and wearing of clothing and swimsuits.
  • Underwear should now be properly worn when using the Get Dressed command on the locker.
  • Amazingly, no other (actual) bugs reported. Some typos, but eh.

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