Major UpdatesEdit

  • Robot transformation is now active. To initiate it, use the weird chemical from the lab. I'm sure it's buggy as hell, but that's what testing is for.
  • New location: Church. There are four rooms here, two of which are only accessible when you're wearing a certain piece of clothing. The church's purpose is mostly to raise morality, by praying, using the confessional, and attending services (Sundays). However, there is another purpose to the church, which has the opposite effect; following through will send your morality into a nosedive. The church is not fully implemented, but the basic stuff is available.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • Modified Get Dressed to take less time (and be more work for me, ugh).
  • New Item: Nun Outfit. This does not have a description on the clothing grid yet. The outfit cannot be worn to most locations, but you'll get a specific message when this is the case.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed the problem of double messages when using the breast pump.
  • Changed starting morality to 51, to allow use of the Chastity Belt at the earliest opportunity (morality must be greater than 50 to wear it).
  • Fixed the Back Room Manager job to only allow work on designated work days.

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