Major UpdatesEdit

  • Sisters Sophia and Marie now have unique dialogue options. The other nuns will as well, but as I said above, I started feeling ill, so I couldn't finish. Sophie is 90% done, but her sex scenes aren't unique yet.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • Removed the Weight Loss Powder. People simply were not getting that it doesn't actually work (like weight loss powders in real life!). Weight Gain Powder is still available though.
  • Disabled the Pray option temporarily from the church pew. Apparently, some people don't like the religious implications. I will be adding it back later after I rework it some.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Altered the Get Dressed command at the strip club. It will only put on articles of clothing that are in your locker, now.
  • Robot transformation wasn't progressing past the first stage. Problem was improperly nested if/then trees. Fixed it.
  • Player wasn't getting the option of using a condom during sex, and wasn't having their period. Fixed.
  • Some of the lines for Inhuman traits were showing twice. Fixed.

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