Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Udder growth option didn't show up if the player has increased the Cow TF too quickly.
  • Changed transformation options completely: whatever transformation is dominant will cause all changes at or below the current level. So if you're 40% cat, and then get to 50% cow, you'll see all the changes that get you up to 50% cow. This will prevent mix and matching parts, but since that's not really a long term goal anyway, it's not a big deal. This may cause problems, please inform me of any bugs.
  • Udder growth option will no longer show up every morning.
  • Get Dressed at the locker at the Strip Club fixed. This was actually a bug with the Strip Naked command, but I won't bore you with details.
  • The sweatsuit can no longer be put on over the waitress uniform.
  • Futa growth was unable to progress beyond juvenile. Fixed.
  • Tampons are no longer a permanent fix; you'll need a new one every day of your period.
  • Choosing "Maria" as your name in the intro now sets your name to "Kim" as the text indicates it should.
  • Random Growth Spurts event will now set your natural height to 7', or should, anyway. Thought I could elegant my way out of that, ended up having to brute force through it.
  • Platform shoes and boots should be fixed to properly add to height now.
  • The "Sex for Money" random event now changes your sexuality (pushes you towards heterosexuality).
  • Strappy heels now add to your heels skill (+2) and your reformed feet trait (+1), putting them on par with the medium heels.

Reported BugsEdit

  • If you can provide more details on this, or a save game, please do.
  • Sometimes the game doesn't count the sweatsuit as being worn when exercising. Couldn't reproduce.
  • Mixed reports on medical treatments. Some people are seeing them fine, some aren't. Worked fine in this version. Couldn't reproduce.
  • Maternity outfits sometimes go on before underwear. Couldn't reproduce.
  • Typos. I am not too concerned about fixing these right now.
  • Non Natural Charisma is buggy. I know it is, this is due to the Get Dressed/Strip Naked revamp, but it's an involved fix. I'll do it in the near future.
  • Couple of problems with one night stands. Didn't have the energy to go wading into that fun morass right now.
  • One piece swimsuit sometimes goes into the closet but still has the (worn) tag. Couldn't reproduce.
  • Pregnancy/Parenting skill can't be raised to 100. I haven't included one of the options (Lamaze class) yet, because it'll take some additional time to work it in.


  • After the first talk with Brittany, there are no other interactions with her. That's as far as that mission goes so far.
  • Inhibitions can be reduced by various actions including theft. If you steal anything other than what is required from the lab mission, you will lose 5 points of inhibitions for each item taken.

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