Major UpdatesEdit

  • Two new commands at the front door: Go For A Walk and Go Jogging. Both have a heightened chance of random events, and both are also good for fitness building (go for a walk will only build fitness to 40, though). Induce Luck does affect your chances of random events with these, as well.
  • One new fight club fighter, Bullet.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • Tweaked Lactation. It takes a lot longer to get milky breasts now. Blame the people in the stream.
  • Tweaked Fitness. It now acts more like a regular skill, in that it starts at 0 and builds to 100. However, unlike skills, it can go down, so you have to maintain it.

Bug FixesEdit

  • The purple hair dye is now in the pharmacy (whoops).


  • File name wasn't changed from 10/10 version.

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