Major UpdatesEdit

  • Hooker job (male clients) complete, and some female client stuff implemented.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • Set Arousal to 50% is available on the testing item again.
  • After working out at home only (so the yoga mat, weight kit, and treadmill) you will not automatically shower. Any activity that takes you out of the apartment (jogging, gym, dojo), as long as you don't have the slob trait, you will automatically shower.
  • Treadmill, Yoga, Weight Kit, Gym and Dojo now have requirements for appropriate clothing and underwear. Specifically, if your breasts are too big (size requirement dependent on activity), then you will not get the full benefit of the workout and likely have to deal with an arousal increase. Sports bras, people. They are your friend. Some activities simply cannot be performed if your breasts are ridiculously big.
  • More breast sizes implemented. Now, grow your breasts all the way up to K!
  • Weight and Fitness are now intrinsically linked: if you are too fat, your maximum fitness is limited. This won't be a big deal to most people, as becoming fit lowers your weight anyway.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed underwear, so it should be properly wearable when you're not having your period.
  • Adjusted inhuman pregnancy to reset your period when you give birth to whatever it is you're carrying.
  • All jewelry now goes into the jewelry holding object properly.
  • The bulletin board now shows the proper requirements for job promotion.
  • No need to worry about shoes when jogging: because it's not traveling to a new location, the game will no longer bother with checking your footwear. Which will also fix the problem of the game sending you to the bathroom wearing shoes.
  • The error that was causing problems with the Hooker blowjob has been fixed.

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