Major UpdatesEdit

  • Remember that special outfit you can get as a reward for finishing the first mission? It's available now.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • The umbrella and raincoat are now toggles, as in, you can toggle their use on and off. Simple reason for that: going out unprotected in the rain may lower your health, but it does raise your non-natural charisma.


  • The special outfit changes every day based on morality (color), femininity (type of outfit), and inhibitions (conservative vs. provocative). It has a unique description for each of the 16 variations, and each of the types of underwear you can wear. For math geeks that don't like to do math, that's 144 descriptions. To say that this took forever does not convey the mind numbing drudgery. And the worst part is, most people will take magic and never see it.
  • Note from A.M. regarding above: "I hate you people."
  • The special outfit still isn't done. Each of the sixteen variations will have unique, once per day effects.

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