Major UpdatesEdit

  • It's possible to get a promotion in the hooker job. DO NOT TAKE IT, as the promotion is the only thing that's working. However, I can start working on the next job in the chain, Call Girl, so hopefully that will be available soon. And yes, I know I need to finish the Hooker job.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • The doctor will now comment on your transformations. He'll also mention a gene cleanser, which isn't in the game yet. It'll be expensive, but it will reduce all transformations (that haven't completed) to 0, and undo inhuman transformations.
  • New event while working as a Hooker. You may meet another hooker. Your actions will affect your morality, and will have other consequences later.
  • Behind the scenes: Recoded the Get Dressed and Strip Naked commands so that they are no longer dependent on me adding a bunch of conditionals. This is really boring, but will make adding new clothes significantly less annoying.
  • Just realized that I forgot to account for the Special Outfit with both commands. You'll have to wear and remove that manually until the next update.

Bug FixesEdit

  • White cotton dress works now.
  • Changed the Erotic Waitress job so that all the random events will happen properly now.
  • Glasses will now add to your Nearsighted trait.
  • Breast pump will now work as intended.
  • Fertility treatment should be working.

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