Major UpdatesEdit

  • It's now possible to give birth. Yay! There are scenes for male/female children, as well as accounting for the possibility of catgirl/cowgirl/succubus TFs. If any TF is over 50%, you will not have a normal human baby. Also, the scenes are mostly incomplete as the game currently stands. Yes, you can give birth, but it's kind of an automatic process. When I get the chance to flesh it out, I'll have things happen. There's some hints as to what I'm planning (cough*maria*cough) in the text.


  • Baby gender is determined at time of conception, not at time of birth. Don't bother savescumming.
  • Succubi, either partial (over 50%) or full, can only give birth to girls.
  • As mentioned, the baby you get doesn't do anything. Please don't tell me they're broken. They're not.
  • At week 30 of a pregnancy, you will have the option of taking maternity leave. At week 33, you will be forced to do so. While on maternity leave, you will be paid automatically each morning that you would normally work (and I just realized I didn't disable the "You should get ready to work" messages...), but you will obviously not be eligible for bonuses/tips, promotions, or anything of that nature.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • Added a new location: Hospital Room. Currently only for delivering babies, and only in passing, even, it will eventually have more significance.
  • When you swap clothes (i.e. try to put on clothes while already wearing clothes), you will strip off your clothes and underwear, but nothing else. If you want to remove everything at once, you have to use the Strip command on the player portrait.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Strip Naked command should now work properly. It was trying to remove underwear BEFORE removing clothes, which naturally didn't work and caused all kinds of problems.
  • Issues that were causing the inability to remove/put on clothes should now be fixed. In theory. I tested it, anyway.
  • Jewelry was not being worn when using the Get Dressed command. This has been fixed.
  • Bathing suits were acting all funky. Fixed.
  • Pregnancy books will now go to the right place when purchased (bookshelf if you have it, living room if you don't).

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