Major UpdatesEdit

  • Pregnancy effects (temporarily swollen breasts, massive hormone swings) are now in the game. There's a 35% chance of something happening each morning of your pregnancy: either stretch marks, swollen breasts, or massive hormone swings.
  • Restricting underwear, revealing underwear, and black one-piece corset can now be worn. They do not yet have full descriptions, and their special effects are not yet in the game, because they are special events that significantly change the game.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • Underwear no longer cares how fat or fit you are. If you gain or lose weight, you will get to keep your underwear. Breast size still counts, and underwear is still thrown out if you can't get it on.
  • New item: cocoa butter. Used to diminish the effects of stretch marks. Note that you don't need to use it, but stretch marks reduce your Natural Charisma by 3 if you don't.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Shifted some stuff around for the pregnancy effects to hopefully make them more consistent.
  • Robots can no longer be pregnant. If you are pregnant, you can't advance Robot TF beyond 40. If you are a robot, the game does not even bother checking to see if you become pregnant from sex.
  • You can now check mail any time after it is delivered (Early Afternoon to Late Night).

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