Bug FixesEdit

  • Tailor and bookshelf "clean-up" actions are not working (problem with item groups getting broken). Note: This also breaks shoes. - Appears Fixed
  • Going naked to various locations works, but doesn't have any consequences. - To be fixed in future update
  • Futa balls don't seem to be growing - Fixed
  • Going naked to the strip club traps you there - Fixed
  • Going to the convent gives a nice error about something not being processed correctly - Fixed
  • Phone no longer allows you to call out sick or take a vacation - Couldn't reproduce
  • You appear to get stuck in the office at the convent-brothel? - Fixed
  • The model in the brothel doesn't seem to activate correctly. - Fixed
  • Crime doesn't seem to work. - Fixed
  • You can go out nude regards of inhibition level. - To be Fixed in future update
  • Apparently, you can lose the option to have partners wear condoms. - Should be fixed
  • Dragons can't view their unique traits. - Couldn't reproduce
  • Dragons really should be able to call out sick if they're going to spend the whole day laying eggs. - Fixed
  • Nudist trait doesn't seem to be triggering properly. - Fixed
  • Convent-brothel accounts don't seem to actually be accumulating any money. - Fixed
  • You can work multiple times a day in the brothel, which is actually a terrible idea. - Fixed
  • Choices that were made in the prologue (with the three girls) seem to get deleted for no apparent reason. - Couldn't reproduce
  • Inhuman transformation stuff doesn't actually get cleared with the clear draught from the drug dealer. To be fixed in a future update
  • Eye color still doesn't change during succubus TF. - Fixed
  • The "Sleep" option in the jail isn't showing up. - Fixed
  • Mother Superior isn't leaving the church when she's supposed to be kicked out. - Fixed
  • Apply makeup after exercising doesn't properly check if your femininity is high enough to actually allow that. - Couldn't reproduce
  • The "leave by time" announcement for the brothel job is not showing the right time. - Couldn't reproduce
  • Bribing nuns does not correctly reactivate the exit and other actions. - Fixed
  • Style checks may not be working properly. - Couldn't Reproduce

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