Minor UpdatesEdit

  • Buying the guitar now explains how to get the busker license. (temporary)
  • Lydia now moves every ten seconds.
  • Telephone is now activated immediately but numbers are still added later.
  • Music skill now present in the Skills and Sexuality listing.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Setting girl assignments in the brothel doesn't change assignments properly. - Fixed
  • Brothel Funds still not increasing. - Fixed
  • Intro sequence not setting variables correctly. - Appears Fixed
  • Going to work at the strip club naked moves last worn outfit to the locker. - Couldn't reproduce
  • Futa balls still not growing. - Fixed
  • Strappy Heels vanishing if worn to stripper job. - Couldn't reproduce, fixed possibly related issue
  • Lydia not showing up at the mall after the first time. - Fixed
  • Sandals sometimes get stuck in inventory when returning from the beach. - Couldn't reproduce
  • Fixed church exit issues.
  • Every receiving "need to cum" message even when not applicable. - Fixed
  • "Can't set variable with variable" error when training girls. - Fixed
  • Nuns don't seem to show up before being corrupted. - Fixed
  • Wear last shoes option missing. - Fixed
  • Sleeping on the cot in jail doesn't change time properly. - Fixed
  • It's possible to go to the convent every day. - Fixed, Go to Church command removed.

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