Major UpdatesEdit

  • Call Girl job is now available. Currently, it only has the sexual aspects (i.e. getting hired for sex) available. Hopefully, next Thursday, I'll be able to implement the "extra" options, where the player is hired as an escort to parties, or as a temporary, last-minute replacement by a group of criminals.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • The Set For Next Promotion action on the testing item will work with the Call Girl job.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed a problem with the breast pump not recognizing when your breasts need to be milked properly. Note that it is possible to milk yourself more than once per day, but you will need to empty the reservoir first.


  • The Call Girl does not have a set schedule. Instead, the way it works is that if you didn't work the day before, you will get a call on your cell phone that day. If you worked the day before, there's a 67% chance of getting a call. If you worked the last two days in a row, there's a 33% chance of getting a call. If you worked the last three days in a row, you will not get a call. Also, if you take a job you don't want to do (such as taking a male client when you're a lesbian), you can get out of working it by...not going. There's no penalty for that.

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