Minor UpdatesEdit

  • New testing item command: Fix Call List. You can add specific people to the list. Note that adding them prior to getting the phone number normally may break the game.
  • New testing item command: Add Jewelry to Store. Adds all the new jewelry that's normally unlocked by getting pierced to the jewelry store for purchase. Note that you can't buy it before you get the relevant piercing anyway.

Bug FixesEdit

  • The doubling of the last paragraph when using the inflatable dildo has been fixed.
  • Leaving your apartment will now check to see if you are wearing the fishnet mini-dress with no underwear or revealing underwear. If you are, it won't let you leave because of the indecency.
  • Strappy sandals now increase your Heels skill by 1.
  • Revealing underwear will now trigger the same "naked" message as wearing no underwear when leaving your apartment, as well as all the bonuses and penalties attached.
  • Nuns will only show up once a day. The first one you meet is the only one you will meet that day.
  • Going to the church now takes up a block of time.
  • Multibreasts should now grow to completion properly.
  • Multibreast descriptions should now show up in your examine and vitals actions.
  • The "Reflect" command on the church pew will now properly activate the bonus command (Masturbate or Pray). Note that they both use placeholder text for now.
  • Lactation status should no longer reset to "empty" when you go to sleep.
  • The game will now properly check to lower your non-natural charisma when you take off stripper shoes.
  • The game will now remember if you wore the flat stripper shoes last time you worked at the strip club.
  • There was a specific circumstance where one of the one-night-stand girls would not reset your "can't sleep, too aroused" flag. Fixed.
  • The slutty schoolgirl outfit description and the player's description when wearing it are now consistent.


  • The chance of the sex doll TF is still 100% for this edition, but you will be asked if you want to initiate it.
  • The lactation trait has pretty much been removed from the game. Dummied out, as it were. Because lactation is no longer an on/off thing, but has degrees, the trait itself is no longer necessary.
  • ES nipple rings, ES clitoral ring and dildo panties are intended to increase your arousal with each action, not each time period. This means you're wearing them at your own risk, as you'll max out arousal very quickly (50 actions/turns from 0% arousal).
  • Handcuffing Victor leaves the handcuffs with him, so they are removed from your inventory and you'll have to buy another pair.
  • The Whore style has been updated to require the hoop earrings.
  • You should be able to check mail any time during or after Early Afternoon. This has been true since the 2/21 version.

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