Minor UpdatesEdit

  • Added the wolf claw necklace as an item. It has a 30% chance of showing up randomly in the mall when you go there. If you wear the necklace and go out or travel somewhere during the evening, night or late night, you will encounter the werewolf. If you get infected as a result, you'll lose the necklace forever (as it has served it's purpose). The necklace has literally no other purpose: it does not increase charisma or anything else. It is designed to make it possible to encounter the werewolves whenever you want until you get infected with Lycanthropy.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Komodo cigarettes are now always smoke-able, as long as you're not currently smoking.
  • All clothes should now be affected by the Strip command, and all clothes can now be removed anywhere in the apartment.
  • Komodo cigarettes will now show how many you have left in the pack.
  • Going to sleep while smoking will stub out your cigarette. While this will still result in the normal health loss for smoking, it WILL NOT add to your dragon transformation, so finish the smoke first.
  • The final stage of the dragon transformation now properly updates your description.
  • Outfits gained by declining promotions at the strip club (waitress outfit, slutty schoolgirl outfit, cheerleader outfit) have had their logic completely changed, and should now work like normal clothes.
  • Genevieve should now either take your calls at any time, or at least give you a message that she's ignoring your calls.
  • Add Furry Fetish on the testing item works now.
  • Babies 2 and 3 can be interacted with. Also changed the logic on baby interactions. Feeding and changing diapers doesn't take time, but playing and snuggling both use half time updates. So playing and snuggling with all three babies will use up three time blocks. You're welcome.
  • Getting bedridden with triplets will now advance time properly to the end of the day.
  • Underwear can now be removed properly at home.
  • After giving birth to triplets, you'll be able to leave the bedroom and get dressed again.
  • At max arousal, you will no longer see the "make him wear a condom" message. You're too lust-addled to worry about it.
  • Switching to the Stripper job at a time when you would normally be assigned to the back room manager position will now work properly, and you won't get stuck at the club.
  • The werewolf transformation logic has been changed. You should now change every 28 days.
  • All maximum arousal scenes now properly reduce arousal.
  • Withdrawal from the aphrodisiac will now lower your maximum arousal AND your current arousal.
  • Checking the mail after getting a message from your mother will now give you the normal mail-check message.
  • It's no longer possible to get Nymphomaniac without Slut (not that that would be possible in normal gameplay anyway, but better safe than sorry).
  • If you have no unique Talk options with Genevieve (before she gives you her phone number), you can only raise her friendship value once per day.
  • Having sex with your succubus daughter will now reduce arousal properly.
  • The robot transformation will no longer progress if any other TF is active.
  • The "Strip Everything" command on the testing item has had it's logic changed to activate the Wear option on all purchased clothes, just in case.
  • Calling out sick from work now resets properly at the end of the day, so you can call out again the following day. Same with vacation.
  • Taking the promotion to the Private or Exotic Dancer will no longer give you a message about how your job performance is poor when you go home after accepting the promotion.
  • You'll no longer find the four initial outfits in your closet with the "Buy" option if you use the Strip Everything command on the testing item.
  • Some typo fixes, nothing important here.

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