Major UpdatesEdit

  • Updated to RAGS
  • Catgirl, cowgirl, succubus, dragon and werewolf have all been completely overhauled to have additional traits and effects. The full list of effects would take far too long to update, so I'm gonna be lazy for now and not bother.
  • Wings now allow you to fly to specific destinations once per day. Some destinations are not available (such as work locations) because it would screw up the time intervals and you wouldn't be able to work. So in the interests of not creating bugs, for now at least, you can't fly to those places.
  • Dragons and Succubi have specific wing iterations that DO NOT show morality the way feathered wings do (yet). Also, succubi cannot fly: their wings are too small.
  • Robots can now install upgrades by buying the toolkit (only after completing the robot TF). Note that I forgot to finish the descriptions for a lot of the steps of the upgrades, BUT the upgrades themselves will work: just keep using the Continue Working action until it's no longer available.

Minor UpdatesEdit

  • A variety of stuff here and there. Nothing major, but you might notice some changes.

Bug FixesEdit

  • A lot of stuff. Everything that was reported in the last major update was tested and re-tested, and fixed.


  • High Succubus TF IS in the game, but the EFFECTS of the TF are not.

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