Bug FixesEdit

  • Going to sleep while smoking will no longer prevent you from smoking ever again (tested and confirmed as working)
  • Going out jogging with the sports bra set will no longer cause the "not-wearing-underwear" message to show up. This is kind of a temporary fix, in that going out jogging without underwear also won't cause that message to show up, until a more permanent fix is found.
  • Once you start an inhuman transformation the wolf claw necklace will disappear. If you somehow manage to get all your TF counters back down to zero, it will reappear.
  • The toolkit is now in the furniture store. Or should be.
  • Once you've finished a TF, you'll be able to view the Unique Traits option on the character portrait to see what new effects you have.
  • Catnap action is now properly nested under Special Actions.
  • You will no longer say "nya" all the time , and most instances of "Mm" sounds have been fixed.

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