Released: 3/19/2013

Bug FixesEdit

  • Nun brothel stuff should be fixed, for reals this time. This includes "CANNOT SET VARIABLE WITH VARIABLE" errors, nun names, and some confusion that was caused by Sofia. Note that you STILL need to use the testing item to actually get things going.
  • Brothel now properly locks you out of going there when the it is closed.
  • Strappy Sandals no longer break the Last Worn Shoes option.
  • The letter from your mother will no longer keep showing up.
  • Bookshelf is hopefully fixed.
  • Music skill should both properly get to 100, and not waste your skill points when it's maxed or close to it.
  • Meditative Calm should now work properly.
  • Walking and Jogging random events should now trigger properly.
  • Your choices in the intro are now being saved properly again.
  • The balcony has been removed from being considered a "public place" in the event of a lactation accident.


  • Work and Casual outfits should be setting underwear properly.
  • The bulletin board doesn't show anything when you're an Office Girl, because there's no promotion after that.
  • Training Sofia in Pain should not cause an issue.
  • Nun outfit should fit normally, both after being bought and tailored.
  • Anonymous Man has begun giving actual version numbers to updates.

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