Released: 12/28/2013

Minor Changes

  • Dream catcher made invisible because it doesn't do anything worthwhile yet.
  • A couple of testing item commands have been disabled. This is intended as they weren't actually supposed to be active in the first place.
  • Collar with bell has been made invisible as it is currently nonfunctional.

Bug Fixes

  • Maria should no longer be offering you a reward at the beginning of the game, or talking about things long before they happen.
  • Lacy black underwear should no longer have to be bought from your drawer before wearing it.
  • Fixed outfit style checks so that the game actual checks to see what you're wearing.
  • Disabled the old Talk option on Britney after you get her phone number.
  • Eating a sparse diet with the light eater trait shouldn't automatically force you to starve anymore.
  • The bookshelf should no longer act like a black hole and eat everything in your living room.
  • The bottle of milk should show up properly now.
  • Britney will now stop being a bitch and give you her phone number when she says that she's doing that.
  • John the Tailor will now properly detect your clothing and actually refit it.
  • Related to the bottle of milk, all drugs will actually show up after you buy them.
  • The "old book" will now actually go to your house.
  • The "words not having M's at the beginning" issue should be fixed, but please report any weirdness Here.


  • Walking around naked is still not implemented beyond allowing you to do it.

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