Released: 12/31/2013

Minor ChangesEdit

  • Britney's phone number is now on a piece of paper that you have to examine to activate the number on your telephone. It's been tested and works.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Putting on clothes while wearing other clothes will now take off the clothes you were wearing before, hopefully preventing you from getting stuck wearing two outfits.
  • The "Strip Everything" command should now remove everything except accessories like hats.
  • The nun outfit should work properly now after being tailored.
  • The "double m's" problem should be fixed.
  • The bottle of milk/cum that you can buy from the drug dealer should work properly with multiples now.
  • The dream catcher and bell with collar will stay invisible after day 60.
  • You will no longer receive the femme fatale's business card if you're drunk and try the direct approach.
  • In the secretary job, you should no longer use two condoms and have weird situations occur when letting your boss tie you up.


  • Tailoring has been testing thoroughly. It works fine for one outfit (current), outfit groups and all outfits (the game should spit out a list of all the clothes tailored).

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