Released: 1/12/2014

Bug Fixes

  • Britney's number will stop disappearing from your phone.
  • The tailor will now properly re-size all clothes. Unfortunately, you may notice a bit of a delay when doing the "Clothing Group" or "All Clothes" options. The program may hang for a few seconds.
  • The elegant dress will no longer be improperly sized when putting it on as part of an outfit.
  • Buying concentrate from the drug dealer (can of orange liquid) will work properly, and drinking it will make it go away properly too.
  • Finally figured out why inhuman transformations were still progressing before day 60.
  • If you get fired from your job, the relevant Go To Work option will disappear now.
  • The mouse now properly disappears at the end of the day if you choose to ignore it, though it can and will come back if conditions are met.


  • Swimming encounter is incomplete.

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