Released: 3/2/2014

Bug Fixes

  • Britney's mission has had the timer adjusted. In theory, it shouldn't max out in seconds anymore, and it will stop while text is being displayed to allow you time to read it. Be advised that while you have choices on the screen, the timer is running.
  • The missing "m"'s have mostly been taken care of.
  • You can no longer go out with Genevieve to the beach or the park if it's raining, thunderstorming, snowing, or winter.
  • A variety of fixes to the convent brothel. It should be more or less working as intended now, and 99% more error free.
  • The bookshelf works again, though sadly it'll take longer than it used to cleaning things up. Fortunately, you should only have to do it once.
  • The succubus will now refuse to work at the maid job. This was always intended, but was not coded until now.
  • The "mysteriously lowering arousal" for the succubus has been fixed. It is now set so that arousal increases slowly (+1 instead of +2 during time changes), and the next update will have the High Succubus normalize her arousal to 50 (since she literally can't get off without a partner).
  • Succubus sexuality will now properly reset to 50 (bisexual) at the end of each day.
  • The security guard should properly disappear from the bar after his mission is over
  • Britney should now disappear after her mission is over.
  • Cat and Cow TF have been blocked out somewhat more effectively. Hopefully.
  • Drug behaviors have been corrected, for the most part.
  • Calling out on maternity leave will now work properly for the Office Girl.
  • The busker job can now only be done once per day. Which is exactly what was intended, but, of course, not what was actually happening. Whoops. No more mad money for you.


  • Note that Britney disappearing after her mission is over is currently intended. Eventually, she can become a friend/drinking buddy/fuck buddy, but that's not coded. And her status after the end of the mission is somewhat intentionally vague for now. Calling her after the mission is currently not implemented.
  • Still can't figure out why mind expander never wears off or withdrawal symptoms never go away, but you can purchase and use the correct amount at least.

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