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Released 06/04/2016

Bug Fixes - Skills reports and such should be available again. - The office party option for the call girl job is now available (it was accidentally locked out).

Feature Added - Testing Item now has an option to change your name. It will set your male name, then your female name, then set your current name to your female name.



Released: 01/30/2016

New Major Content.

- You can now have sex with Mike from the gym for the first time. He won't come back after this first time yet, though.

- Starting on day 65, you can potentially get a familiar visitor to your apartment.

- Bee transformation (To start, make sure you have no inhuman TFs active, and no wings. Go to the park, go to the flowerbed. Examine it until you get a message about bees, then try to pick the flowers. If you're lucky, you'll get a message about the sting on your arm being "especially angry". If you do, get the bee serum and use it).

New Minor Content.

- Some bug fixes, and some minor tweaks to content.

- New testing item command: Genevieve Relationship Report

- Reactivated the Corrupt All Nuns testing item command (Sorry!)

- Significantly changed the "out of birth control pills" message to attempt to increase visibility. I think I know a better way to do it now. Starting with the next update, I'll change important messages to be right-aligned rather than left-aligned, with unique coloring, to make sure they're more visible. Let's call this one a test run.









Version 0.5.1


Version 0.4.1d

Version 0.4.1c

Version 0.4.1b

Version 0.4.1a

Version 0.4.1

Version 0.4.0d

Old UpdatesEdit

For updates released prior to 3/19/2013 please see here.

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