To become a werewolf, you must encounter the Wolf Howls random event and become infected. Afterwards within the next three weeks (confirmation needed) your character will have strange dreams while the Transformation occurs. When it finishes you'll fully transform into a werewolf for the first time. Upon awakening in the morning you'll gain 10 points toward your Wolf Instincts.

From then on whenever the moon is rising you'll have a +5 strength bonus if your Wolf Instincts is 49 or below. If it's 50 or above you'll have a bonus of +10 to strength and +5 to fitness. Whenever the moon is waning you'll lose the bonuses.

Whenever the moon is full you'll automatically transform in the middle of the night. Providing your Wolf Instincts is 49 points or less you'll be given two options Give In or Resist.

  • Give In - You lose 5 Morality and gain 15 points to your Wolf Instincts.
  • Resist - You gain 1 Morality and lose 8 points to your Wolf Instincts.

If your Wolf Instincts is 100 or higher by the next full moon you'll be presented with a Game Over message.

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